Service Shield by M3T is an environmentally friendly approach to security.
There are many sustainability benefits to security equipment as a service.

No New Power Hungry Servers

New computers are not needed as your system runs in the cloud on existing servers. *applies to cloud based solutions only

Technology Refresh/System Refit Anytime –

Take advantage of the latest energy saving technologies while your existing system components are redeployed or recycled when returned.

Sustainability - Hands holding a growing plant

No System Ownership –

You will refit your system one component at a time long before it starts to die, spending money on labor instead of materials that end up in our landfills.

Fewer Service Visits –

The first response to system trouble is remote diagnosis. This saves countless vehicle trips & reduces greenhouse emissions.

Fobs Can Be Reused –

Staff turnover simply means we help you reassign that fob = no waste.

No New Network Cabling –

If your network is where we need it to be for the installation, we can make use of it saving material & time.

Road with green trees and blue skies

Remote System Set Up & Training –

Face to face is wonderful but not necessary. Save more vehicle trips while helping the environment.

Recycle All Batteries –

With our Service Shield Preventative Maintenance visits each year – included in your subscription.

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